Abstract Submission

Those who wish to present a paper in the sessions are requested to submit an abstract (A4 size, 2 pages). The template of the abstracts is now available.


Desirable mode of presentation (oral or poster) should be selected at the abstract submission. The selection of paper and the mode of presentation will be decided by the Organizing Committee based on the abstracts.  Notice of acceptance will be sent by the Organizing Committee to the authors by February 28, 2022.

Abstract submissions were closed on November 30. However, we are still accepting applications for poster presentations until April 15, 2022.

Abstract submission (ONLY poster presentation from Dec 2, 2021, to Apri 15, 2022. Note: link to an external site, JTB website, for abstract submission)


General session
New concepts for catalysis
Advanced materials for catalysis
Fundamentals and characterization
Green & sustainable catalysis
Catalysis in energy conversion
Environmental catalysis
Solid acids and bases
Selective oxidation
Organometallic catalysis
Reactor engineering
Computation in catalysis

Industrial session
Introduction of recently developed and/or commercialized industrial catalysts and processes
Emission control
Green & sustainable processes
Petroleum refining and petrochemicals
Fine and chiral synthesis

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