Poster Award Winners


RSC Poster Award Winners

  • Catalysis Science and Technology
    • P2048
      Towards ultra-low-emission gasoline vehicle: focus on different catalyst design strategies
      Melissandre RICHARD (Univ. Lille/Univ. Artois)
    • P3083
      Development of zeolite supported Cu-ZnO catalysts for methanol synthesis by CO2 hydrogenation
      Ryokuto KANOMATA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Energy Advances
    • P2033
      Impact of raw materials for TS-1 zeolite on its crystallization process, state of Ti species and catalytic properties
      Shunsuke YAMADA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    • P3072
      Low-temperature hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol  over supported gold catalysts
      Takumi NAKAGAWA (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Green Chemistry
    • P1002
      Synthesis of secondary mono-alcohols from terminal vicinal alcohols over Ru-ReOx/SiO2 catalyst
      Ben LIU(Tohoku University)
    • P2021
      Modified zeolites for the catalytic valorisation of furans to aromatics
      Guido de REIJER (Chalmers University of Technology)
  • Reaction Chemistry & Engineering
    • P2017
      Development of heterogeneous cobalt catalysts for primary amine synthesis at low temperature and hydrogen pressure
      Kahoko KATO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    • P3014
      Electron-enriched single-atom Pt in Pb-Ca-decorated PtGa intermetallics as a selective and stable catalyst for propane dehydrogenation
      Yuki NAKAYA (Hokkaido University)
  • Sustainable Energy & Fuels
    • P1079
      Direct alkylation of aromatics with alkanes using a catalyst mixture of solid acid zeolites and hydrotalcite supported Pd
      Moe TAKABATAKE (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    • P2050
      Suppressing metal sintering by ultrathin SiO2 shell decoration on Pd nanoparticles induced by photocatalytic reaction
      Ayato TAKABAYASHI(The University of Tokyo)

TOCAT9 Poster Award Winners

    • P1023
      Three-step synthesis of 1,3-butanediol from ethanol over heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts
      Mahlet N. GEBRESILLASE (Hanyang University)
    • P1042
      An efficient metal-organic framework-derived nickel catalyst for the light-driven methanation of CO2
      Diego MATEO (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
    • P2007
      Enhanced reactivity and stability in methane dehydro-aromatization over Mo/HZSM-5 physically mixed with NiO
      Hae-Won RYU (Seoul National University)
    • P2012
      Thermally stable Ni-M nanoparticles encapsulated with SiO2 shells (M = Co, Ce) under dry reforming of CH4 with CO2
      Jae-Hyeon KWON (Sungkyunkwan University)
    • P3010
      Controlling metal-polymer interaction through polymer functionality for selective and stable partial hydrogenation
      Kyunglim HYUN (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
    • P3026
      Synthesis of high-entropy alloy nanoparticles by the assist of hydrogen spillover as a robust catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation
      Naoki HASHIMOTO (Osaka University)

Presentation&Participation Manual

TOCAT9 Presentation&Participation Manual
Revised on July 8th. (1) Time difference table, (2) On-site presenters use their own laptops with either a D-sub15 pin or HDMI port. (3) Poster presentation will be made online! (Zoom Breakout Room).

Oral presentation

What is "hybrid"? We need more explanation here.
Oral presenters may present onsite or online.
First, if the oral presenter is participating on-site, the presentation will be given in a face-to-face format as usual. This presentation will be simultaneously streamed online (Zoom). Online participants will be able to view the presentations via Zoom and ask questions.
Second, if the oral presenter is online, the presentation will be delivered via Zoom and projected on the local screen. Of course, audio will also be played.
So, there will not be a separate session as virtual oral presentations. Also, oral presenters are not necessarily required to be present at the venue.

Poster presentation

For poster presenters, see PosterPresentationInstructions1.

Poster presentations will be made virtually live to avoid gathering.
This is also to allow participants who are unable to come to Japan to join in the poster presentations.
However, presenters are also really welcome to come on-site, listen to oral presentations, interact with the participants, and enjoy Fukuoka!

"Poster" size" (Posted June 6, 2022) Poster presentations will be made virtually using Zoom.
Presenters are requested to prepare their 1-page presentation file in PowerPoint format, pptx or ppt file. Please make files horizontally with a default wide size (Width 33.867 cm (13.33 inches) x Height 19.05 cm (7.5 inches). Note that the "poster" is only one page.

This is an example in which the main text is created with a 10 pt font size. Please refer to this for your presentation.

<"Anytime Poster">

In addition, a web page with presentation titles, author names, live presentation times, and view-only posters will be available throughout the conference for viewing at any time during the conference. The following pages will open just before the conference.
Participants can comment on each poster, and poster presenters are asked to check your site frequently and reply to comments. Let's discuss and communicate with participants on the web!

Poster presenters are asked to submit their presentation files in the format of PDF by 19 July. Details are available in PosterPresentationInstructions1.

The best poster presentation awards supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and TOCAT9 will be selected from the presenters.

<Short oral presentation (optional)>

Poster presenters who have requested in advance can now give a 5-minute oral presentation at the venue if they wish (off-line only, no Q&A). However, this short presentation is not considered for the poster award selection.

For those who have requested the presentation, see PosterPresentationInstructions2. The detailed program will be available soon.

Our hybrid conference

Oral presentation
In-person ✓😄
Virtual ✓😄
In-person ✓😄
Virtual ✓😄
Poster presentation
In-person ✕😞
Virtual ✓😄
In-person ✕😞
Virtual ✓😄
5-min oral presentation for poster presenters
In-person ✓😄
Virtual ✕😞
In-person ✓😄
Virtual ✕😞



Sponsorship & Exhibition

Exhibition booth and advertising opportunities are available!

Deadline: Apr. 30, 2022.

Please find the announcement and application forms.


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