Plenary lecture

Prof. Unni Olsbye (University of Oslo)

Prof. Unni Olsbye

"Oxygenate-mediated conversion of CO2 to light olefins and fuels - fundamental and applied aspects"

Dr. Unni Olsbye
is Professor at UiO since 2001. She is an expert of heterogeneous catalysis, and has authored more than 190 scientific papers (H-index 55). She was Managing Director of the center of research based innovation inGAP (2008-2015), aimed at developing new and improved industrial processes based on fundamental insight in catalytic materials and reactions. She was recently awarded a Top Researcher grant from the Norwegian Research Council (CONFINE, 2016-2020), is currently heading a Horizon2020 project on CO2 valorisation (COZMOS, 2019-2023) and is corresponding PI of an ERC Synergy grant project aimed at cross-fertilizing enzymatic and heterogeneous catalysis fields (CUBE, 2020-2025).

She received the University of Oslo Innovation Award in 2017 (awarded annually for ideas emerging from at UiO that have shown significant value creation for society), the Award for Excellence in Natural Gas Conversion (2019) and the Wilhelm Manchot Research Professor Award (2019).  Prof. Olsbye is elected member of the Norwegian Academy of Technical Sciences and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. She was an Associate Editor of ACS Catalysis (2016-19) and serves in several international research centre boards and scientific advisory boards.

-Plenary lecture

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